Curriculum Management

Curriculum Scope and Sequence by Grade:

180 Days of Curriculum for each Grade Level:

Assignments Database
This is a database of assignment records containing the grade, course, assignment name, assignment IDs, day of assignment (e.g. Day 1), week of assignment, asset (image, video, slide show), assignment description, and resources (worksheets and links) to go with each assignment.

  • 20,000 assignments (approx)
  • Contains all curriculum elements
  • Searchable by grade, day, week, course, course unit, keywords, and more

Course Database
The Course Database has information for Courses across all grade levels. This database includes:

  • Course Titles
  • Course Descriptions
  • Other elements

Curriculum Framework Database
The Curriculum Framework Database includes the curriculum units covered for each grade and produces a schedule over a 36-week period for when to serve the units.

36-Week Spelling Program
The spelling program is part of the English/Language Arts curriculum. Quizzes are managed in WP Pro Quiz. The digital worksheets are managed in Formidable Pro.

Quizzes and Tests
Quizzes and Unit Test are integrated into the curriculum. They come up at the end of a unit (or topic being covered) for the course on the appropriate Day #

Worksheets are also integrated into the the curriculum. Printable worksheets are mainly part of earlier grades (kindergarten through second grade). Grades 3rd and up will use DK12 Generic Worksheets such as lined paper, grid paper, timelines, investigative worksheets, etc.

eBook Titles
Reading classic literature is part of the daily curriculum. Students choose a book of their choice and log their reading in their digital daily Reading Log. All e-books are available to students in the online Library. The E-Book Files page lists all e-books in PDF and DOCX formats.

36 Weeks of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) Projects

36 Weeks of Origami Projects

Miscellaneous Curriculum Resources