E-books are served up in a .pdf format. Below are links to e-book .pdf files and an editable .docx version is also below.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea | DOCX | PDF
A Christmas Carol | DOCX | PDF
A Child’s Garden of Verses*
A Tale of Two Cities | DOCX | PDF
A Visit From Saint Nicholas | DOCX | PDF
Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance*
Adventures of Tom Sawyer | DOCX | PDF
Alexander the Great | DOCX | PDF
Alice in Wonderland | DOCX | PDF
Among the Farm People*
Among the Forest People*
Among the Meadow People*
Anne of Green Gables | DOCX | PDF
Around the World in Eighty Days*
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin*
Ben Hur | DOCX | PDF
Black Beauty | DOCX | PDF
Constitution of the United States*
David Crockett*
Declaration of Independence*
Dracula | DOCX | PDF
Famous Men of the Middle Ages | | PDF
Frankenstein | | PDF
Genghis Kahn | DOCX | PDF
Grimms Fairy Tales | DOCX | PDF
Gulliver’s Travels | DOCX | PDF
Helen of Troy | DOCX | PDF
Jo’s Boys*
Journey to the Center of the Earth | DOCX | PDF
King Solomon’s Mines*
Little Women | DOCX | PDF
Luther And The Reformation*
McGuffey Primer*
McGuffey First Reader | DOCX | PDF
McGuffey Second Reader | DOCX | PDF
McGuffey Third Reader | DOCX | PDF
McGuffey Fourth Reader | DOCX | PDF
McGuffey Fifth Reader | DOCX | PDF
McGuffey Sixth Reader | DOCX | PDF
Moby Dick*
My Life and Works (Henry Ford)*
Oliver Twist | DOCX | PDF
Over in the Meadow | DOCX | PDF
Peter and Wendy | DOCX | PDF
Poems of American Patriotism | DOCX | PDF
Pride and Prejudice | DOCX | PDF
Puddnhead Wilson | DOCX | PDF
Rob Roy*
Romeo and Juliet | DOCX | PDF
Stories of American Life and Adventures*
Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans | DOCX | PDF
Stories that Mother Nature Told her Children*
Tarzan of the Apes*
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes | DOCX | PDF
The Art of War | DOCX | PDF
The Federalist Papers*
The Count of Monte Cristo | DOCX | PDF
The Cricket on the Hearth | DOCX | PDF
The Engine That Thought it Could | DOCX | PDF
The History of Insects*
The Life of Kit Carson*
The Little Red Hen | DOCX | PDF
The Magna Carta*
The Pioneer Boys of the Yellowstone*
The Prince and the Pauper | DOCX | PDF
The Real Mother Goose*
The Rocket Book | DOCX | PDF
The Secret Garden | DOCX | PDF
The Scientific American Boy*
The Story of Dr. Doolittle | DOCX | PDF
The Swiss Family Robinson*
The Tale of Brownie Beaver*
The Tale of Freddie Firefly*
The Tale of Tommy Fox*
The Tale of Sandy Chipmunk*
The Tale of Old Mr. Crow*
The Tale of Major Monkey*
The Tale of Peter Rabbit | DOCX | PDF
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin | DOCX | PDF
The Tale of Timothy Turtle | DOCX | PDF
The Time Machine | DOCX | PDF
The Arabian Knights
The Red Badge of Courage (Civil War)*
The True Story of Christopher Columbus*
The War of the Worlds*
Through the Looking Glass | DOCX | PDF
Treasure Island | DOCX | PDF
Twas the Night Before Christmas | DOCX | PDF
Up from Slavery*
Uncle Wiggily in the Woods | DOCX | PDF
Uncle Wiggily’s Adventures | DOCX | PDF
Uncle Wiggily and Old Mother Hubbard*
Uncle Wiggily’s Travels*
Wuthering Heights | DOCX | PDF

*In Development