Content and Public Domain Resources

The following are resources in which to expand curriculum offerings.

Blogs (not public domain)
The Kids Should See This – food history & recipe

Primary Source Documents
Library of Congress Web Guides
Yale Law Library – Document Collections

Encyclopedia Resources to Link To
New World Encyclopedia
Britannica – science resource
David Darling: Astronomer/Science

Other Resources to Link To

Project Gutenberg – classic literature (All Grades) – eBook and Text Archive (All Grades)
Wikisource – eBooks and Texts (All Grades)

Language Arts – Over 1.2 Million Videos (All Grades)
Wikipedia (All Grades)
Graded Lessons in English: an elementary English Grammar (1)
Wikibooks English Grammar (1, 2, 3)
Practical Lessons in English Grammar (1, 2, 3)
The Child’s Own English Book: An Elementary English Grammar (1, 2)
Wikiversity (All Grades/Subjects)
Wikiversity Primary Education (All Grades)

Wikipedia Mathematics Portal (All Grades)
(7, 8, 9) not Public Domain, algebra calculator, ideas
Common Geometry Formulas (10) not Public Domain

History/Social Studies
Wikipedia: List of Timelines (All Grades)
Wikipedia: History of the World (All Grades)
Wikipedia: Timeline of the United States (All Grades)
The Library of Congress (All Grades)
The National Archives and Records Administration (All Grades)
Catalog of Government Publications (All Grades)
Core Documents of U.S. Government (All Grades)
Wikipedia: Maps (3)
Wikipedia: Law (3)
Wikisource: American Indians (3)
Wikipedia: Native American Indians (3)
Wikipedia: Indigenous people of the Americas (3)
Wikipedia: Classification of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas (3)
Wikipedia: Geography (4): Geography of the United States; California; (4)
Spanish Missions in the United States (4)
Pre-Columbian Discovery of America (4)
Mexican American War (4)
Wikipedia: Gold Rush; California Gold Rush (4)
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government (4)
U.S. States (5)
Wikipedia: Colonial History of the United States (5)
Wikipedia: Voyages of Christopher Columbus (5)
Wikipedia: American Indian Conflict (5)
Wikisource: American Revolution (5, 9)
Wikisource: Slavery in the United States (5)
Wikipedia: United States Constitution (5)
Wikipedia: Time of Transportation Technology (5)
Wikipedia: Continents (6)
Wikipedia History and Geography of: Asia; Africa; North America; South America; Antarctica; Europe; Australia (6)
Wikipedia: Paleolithic Era (6)
Wikipedia: Neolithic or Agricultural Revolution (6)
Wikipedia: Ancient Greece; India, China, Rome (6)
Wikipedia: Fall of the Roman Empire (7)
Wikipedia: Middle Ages (7)
Wikipedia: Andean Civilizations (7)
Wikipedia: Renaissance Period (7)
Wikipedia: Reformation Period (7)
Wikipedia: The Scientific Revolution (7)
Wikisource: American Civil War (8)
Wikisource: World War I (8, 10)
Wikisource: World War II (8, 10)
Wikipedia: Reconstruction Period (8)
Wikipedia: Industrial Revolution (8, 9, 10)
Wikipedia: The Glorious Revolution (9)
Wikipedia: Philosophy (9)
Wikipedia: Latin America (10)
Wikipedia: Rural to Urban Migration (10)
Wikipedia: Role of Religion in Founding Fathers of America (10)
Wikipedia: The 1920s (10)
Wikipedia: The Great Depression (10)
Wikipedia: Civile and Political Rights (10)
Wikipedia: Politics in the United States (12)
Wikipedia: Media Influence (12)
Wikipedia: International Trade (12)
Wikipedia: Citizenship in the U.S. (12)
Wikipedia: Supreme Court of the U.S. (12)
Wikipedia: Federal Government of the U.S. (12)

Periodic Table
Get Latitude Longitude
Jetstream – Weather School (NOAA)
National Science Foundation (All Grades)
NOAA – Weather (1,4 )
NASA – Space (5, 8)
Wikipedia: Plate Tectonics (6)
Popular Science Monthly Archives (1872 – 1918) (All Grades):
Plants; Animals; Earth; Earth’s Surface; Water; Seasons; Rain; Weather; Minerals; Rocks; Volcanos; Motion; Electricity; Energy; Matter; Universe; Sun; Planets; Oceans; Ecology; Heat; Thermal Energy; Cell Biology; Genetics; Evolution; Stars; Atmosphere; Conservation; Waves; Physics; Chemicals; Molecular
Wikisource Science Portal
Wikipedia: List of National Parks in the United States (4)

Visual/Performing Arts – coloring pages (K, 1)
Wikipedia: Visual Arts by Indigenous Peoples of the Americas (3)

Physical Education
Wikipedia Calisthenics (All Grades)