Year-to-Year Updates

Remaining Task to do for 2023-2024:

  1. Update Scope & Sequence Documents to ensure Test Days are accurate.

Summer Today’s Assignments Page
After the last day of the school year and during the Summer, replace the Today’s Assignments page across all grades with: Summer Break Page. Update the Summer Break page as needed.

New School Year Info Page

Winter Break Today’s Assignment Page
Winter Break page

Spring Break Today’s Assignment Page
Spring Break page

School Year Calendar
Update the DK12 Calendar for the next school year.

  1. First, create the new school year calendar dates by updating and replacing the Excel File on the Calendar page.
  2. The calendar has days off for standard federal holidays: Veterans Day, Thanksgiving (2 days off), Winter Break (about 2 weeks off), Presidents Day, Spring Break (1 week off), and Memorial Day. Each year Day 1 starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.
  3. Save the Excel File as a PDF and also upload that new file to the Calendar page.
  4. Edit the dates in the online Web Calendar to reflect the new school year.
  5. 2022-2023 Calendar – Excel
  6. 2022-2023 Calendar – PDF

Curriculum Adjustments
You may need to make curriculum adjustments on the assignment pages, across the grade levels, based on the new Calendar dates for the year. Any quizzes/unit tests will fall on the last day of the week based on the Calendar. Adjusting the Calendar may require you to move quizzes/tests on the assignment pages so that they still fall on the last day of the week. This is usually in the area near the Thanksgiving break.
2022-2023 ADJUSTMENTS: Day 106 – (this is done)

Kindergarten Calendar Worksheets

  1. Update the Kindergarten Worksheets calendars using This Keynote Document.
  2. Update the kindergarten Asset images using the same Keynote document above.
  3. Replace/upload the updated Keynote document in the server as a .zip after updating to be used the following year
  4. Export/save each calendar worksheet as separate pdf page/file using same file names as listed below:
  5. Replace updated kindergarten calendar worksheet files in the server via FTP:
  6. Export/save each calendar Asset as separate PNG file using same file names as listed below:
  7. Replace updated kindergarten calendar Asset files in the server via FTP:

Reporting Features
Update Reporting in Parent/Teacher Account and Student Accounts.

  1. Add new school year to Transcript App (Field ID: 679)
  2. Add new school year (e.g.: 2018) to Diploma Form (Field ID: 756)
  3. Add Grade Book and Reports Links to Archived School Years page
  4. Change to new school year date range on links on Grade Book page.
  5. Update “My Students 3” Display: adjust start and end dates to reflect new year in large content filed. This should be done on the night of June 30.
  6. Update school year range on page and links on the pportal main page under the My Students area. This should be done on the night of June 30.
  7. Update school year range and links on the pportal grade book page. This should be done on the night of June 30.

Other Updates

  1. Update Navigation bar at top of site with new curriculum year.
  2. Update any instructions under the Help menu such as:
    Parent/Teacher Guide document
    Curriculum by Grade outlines
    Homeschool Laws page