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What people say…

Thanks so much for a fantastic online curriculum. It’s still unbelievable that it’s FREE! – A

“We love this curriculum!” – J and B

Thanks for being so awesome. I’m really impressed with the response I have gotten every time I have a question without fail you’ve been on top of it and I have had answers so fast. Thank you again for everything you do.

“We just started using this for my younger son and it is working great!” – Julietta

“we love the program thank you so much!” – Jessica

“This is a really beautiful program. I am looking forward to using it with my children.” – Angela

“We are glad to have found you.” – Tiffany

Thank you so very much. This program has brought back the light in our kids eyes !! – M

My kids really enjoy this curriculum and the fun videos. We appreciate that we have access to a great homeschool option that is free and non-common core. Thanks again! – Jenny

“I heard through Janis who I think heard from Crystal who I think saw a tweet.. lol.” – Jen

“I have loved it!” – Angel

Thank you so much for allowing us to use this program.
Blessings, Angela

I don’t know that I could homeschool if it was not for discoveryk12 – Kelly

Our family is desperately seeking a program that is NOT “common core aligned,” your program is the ONLY one available that we could find. Thank you. – E

“Thanks for providing such a great service!” – Shannon

I signed my sons up on one account. My plan was to let my 7 year old and 10 year old share one account. However, upon reviewing today’s assigments, I would like to provide the boys their own individual accounts. – Thanks, Tamera

Thank you so much for this wonderful home school program. It is really the only way I am able to home school my son. I tell everyone I know about this program. – D

“I am a 9th grader, and I have done one full day of your program! So far, I absolutely love it.” – Madison

I created the account because I thought there was absolutely no way something so amazing could be available at no cost. I will be homeschooling in the fall and my cousin told me about your amazing curriculum so I wanted to check it out. – Ashleigh

I so very much appreciate that it is non-common core. I also like that there is so much accountability with the check offs, tests, etc. I am excited to pursue this, this year. – Darcy

Thank you! You have excellent customer service! – Kayti

“Awesome! Thank you for putting this together for no cost!” – B

Thank you so much. We just started this program and my son loves it. He says it’s even more advanced than his school !!

We are super excited and beyond thankful that this amazing resource is available to us. I have one in Pre-K and one in K. More than likely we will be using each other’s curriculum as well as lots of additional tactile learning. Thank you Sheri Wells for all you’ve done to help homeschooling families! – M

He has the highest grades in his class. They even have him tutoring other children on Mondays and Wednesdays . They want him in the talented and gifted program, but there is no room in the class. The homeroom teacher says she will ensure his being in the class in the fall. Jacob says he has already had all that is being taught when he was homeschooling with Discovery k12.

Your online program was recommended on a homeschool loop. It looks fantastic. – Denise

Wow thanks so much for the quick support! You’re awesome. – TEC

“we have only just found this but love it already!! My 13 year old actually smiled today while writing an essay on the Fall of the Roman Empire and said how much he’s enjoyed it, thanks!!” – M

“I love your stuff” – Fifth grader

Hello! My son is attending your online program. He loves it and for that, I sincerely thank you all! – Heather

I am extremely appreciative of what you’ve made available for us. This takes a lot of time, planning, and dedication. – S

My boys are both enjoying your program! – Dee

I am anxious to go with this program I hope my son will thrive with this. It looks like he might! Keep up the awesome work I think we are going to love this program !!!! – Revonda

Thank you so much for your time and effort it is greatly appreciated. I would love to use this curriculum for the next 10 years. Thanks for the great work put into this site. – Debey

Hello, we are loving this! We appreciate it so much! – Janeira

Thank you for your response and the free service you are offering. I really appreciate your efforts and your site will help a lot of people. – Betty

I love this program; it has helped us a lot with homeschooling. Thank you so much for this wonderful program. – Jen

Thank you so much for your help and fast response. So far I am beyond thrilled with what I’m seeing with my younger daughters’ grade levels. Thank you so much for providing this resource. – S

Amazing job by providing a free home schooling alternative to public schools. I knew there was a better way and you provide it freely. – Michael

I just signed up my son and it is exactly what we are looking for!!! – Jessica

I truly appreciate the quick response and can I say, I am thoroughly enjoying your program… I think my daughter is really going to enjoy working through the curriculum.  Thank you for making it available to homeschoolers and for offering it to us free of charge. – Patrice

Thanks so much! You guys are always so great about getting back to me! – Robin

“This program is really great. We are excited to use it regularly!” – Sam

“Thank you so much! It is excellent to be able to look back at some of the lessons! I appreciate your hard work!” – Bobbi

“We really enjoy the art lessons!!! The other lessons are challenging and rewarding, as well.” – Colleen

Wow … lots of talk about your program on a Secular Homeschool FB page today.  Thanks for all you are doing.  There are so many resources, but few so complete as yours. Really appreciate all you have done here – beautiful, organized site! – Diana

Thanks for a wonderful curriculum, and a great resource. – Radwa

I really appreciate all that you do to provide a quality curriculum for parents such as myself. Mrs. W.

I wish I had found this at the beginning of the school year but happy to have it now! – Melissa

Dear Billie and all those who make Discoveryk12 available to the public, I can’t tell you how much your program has been a huge blessing to our family as a wonderful springboard of discussions and learning experiments & experiences.  Thank you for responding and for all the fabulous work you all do. – Greatful Mom

THANK YOU! Just what we are looking for! Will spread the word!!! – Dawn

Your program looks amazing!  I’m so excited to use it with my son! – Sara

You have greatly simplified and lightened my load in ways you’re unaware. Thank you. – Constance

We thank you for the website and the kids really enjoy it. – Julie

This seems almost too good to be true… – Crystal

You are very much appreciated within the homeschooling community! Positive comments are rapidly circulating about your wonderful site. – Stacie

Day 1 was awesome. I read, did math and everything else even I did p.e. The worst part was push ups. But it was cool!!!!! – Sean 4th grader

I want to tell you, that even though this is only our first official day of school this year, that we are very happy with discoveryk12…The curriculum takes longer than the one we used last year, but she like the accountability this program has. Thank you for offering such a great program. – Kim

I really appreciate all that you do to provide a quality curriculum for parents such as myself. – Mrs. W.

Just wanted to thank you for this great site. My son is going at his own pace, but we love the site and the materials presented. – W

I LOVE your website and have recommended it to many mothers who also homeschool. – Thank you, Ann

I have just found your site, and I must say BRAVO!

I greatly appreciate your time and effort, and I think that the site is a wonderful platform for homeschoolers! – C.

We just found out about your website and LOVE it! – Kelly

Just wanted to say the health lesson on Day 25 was awesome, made some toothpaste and researched coconut oil on cavities. Thanks! – J

Your site has been a great find! I look forward to sharing it with many people. Thanks again! – K

Thanks to you and your team for providing such an amazing resource for free. My family truly appreciate this and were so thankful when we found it. – Lauren

Thank you for a wonderful school year! My kids really enjoyed it. – Lynda

Thank you so much for your awesome homeschool set-up. Makes my life so much easier. – Rebecca

I love this program. We’re still shocked it’s free. – R

We use discoveryk12 and love it!! – Mellissa

Thank you for all that you do! This site is agodsend! – Alisha

I am so pleased with your website and your efforts to help us in helping our kids. You offer a wonderful service. – J

I recently signed my 3 children up to use your program and we love it. Thank you for the program it is a Godsend – Tia

Thank you for providing this amazing service. I am truly grateful to you. I have two boys in different grades, one is in grade 5 and the other is in grade 7. I would like to be able to let both boys benefit from Discovery K12. – Gabi

We are new to homeschooling and are in South Africa. We are very pleased to be joining your K12 program.

Awesome!! Love the way assignments are all in order. This is wonderful!!! Made my day:) Thank you! – Anita

I am absolutely so impressed with Discovery K12! It is an awesome program! Thank you so much for all you do, – Stacey S

We have our boy back!! We are very happy with discoveryk12 and are also very, very grateful for your service! A.B.

Thank you for your awesome homeschool site!! The standard of education is much higher then I expected, can you please down grade my son to grade one to cover all work he has missed out.

I have 4 children using discoveryk12 in grade levels from kindergarten –high school. We have been using your curriculum for a few months and really like it.

Thank you SO much for this! We LOVE Discovery k12! – LD

First, let me start out by THANKING you for such a wonderful platform for home-schoolers! – S

Just wanted to thank you for this great site. My son is going at his own pace, but we love the site and the materials presented. – W

I love your site for my girls homeschooling! – Tammy

I totally love this site, great work! – Thomas

We didn’t get everything done today, but I was absolutely THRILLED by what I saw… NICE WORK! Thank you so very much!! – Ranie

Hi how are you, i LOVE your curriculum. my daughter took her end of year test for 5th grade and we are now ready to move on to 6th grade. Could her account please be changed to reflect her promotion? Thanks, natalya

God, I freaking love you guys already. Thanks! xD – steph

My 9-year-old uses it and she loves it. It emails me the results of her tests, so I love it too! – Jenna

A million thanks to Sheri Wells and all of you for doing this! Wow!!!

Looking forward to this awesome resource, thank you! – Chelsea

Hello! I am so impressed with your online homeschool curriculum! Gwyn

Thank you!! I love your site and cant wait to start the new year! 🙂

Good Afternoon! Both of my children started your k12 program this year and so far, we are loving it.

You are awesomeness!! Thanks 🙂 – Laura

Thank you so much for Discovery K12. It is a great blessing to our family, with our adventure into homeschooling. – T

Hello! I was told of Discovery K12 by a member of our Association and I’m very interested in checking it out for my children and to recommend the site to other parents. I love the format and how it can save busy homeschooling moms time on planning and such! I’ve been hoping for an option like this for a long time… but it has been impossible to find one that wasn’t run by the public school system or charges parents’ huge fees each month. What you do for homeschooling parents is beyond amazing! – The SC Homeschool Acct Assn

Thank you. I am able to access them now. You have the best support! – Danielle

We LOVE this program and wish we would have “Discovered” it 6 years ago!!! Thank you for your help and this program! – Cortnie

Hi, I’m so grateful I found Discovery K12 before it is too late.

Hi! We are loving your website. We have been exploring it and plan on using it as a starting foundation next year as first time home schoolers.
Thank you for your great service, Carla

We decided to homeschool our son this coming year. We love the look of your program.

Please pass on my extreme gratitude to your site’s generous benefactor who is making this all possible. – Jennifer

Please start me in second grade this year! Thank you! We love discoveryk12! – Ruth

Your website is SOOOOO amazing!! Thank you so much!!! 😀

Thank you so much for your free service that you provide. You are making a positive difference in the world. – Beth

Good day! We truly enjoyed our first year using the DiscoveryK12 program – T

Thank you so much for offering this fantastic curriculum for free! We’re really looking forward to using it. – Sharon

I am truly grateful for your website, it has helped in a big way all this year for my very first time of homeschooling! I plan on using it again next year and joining the teacher account. – U & R

I recently discovered your amazing site. I immediately signed my twins up. They are currently with an online Academy for 8th grade and will be going into 9th for this UPCOMING year, having this incredible online curriculum for free is truly a blessing!!! – Jennifer

Hello, This site has been a God send for us! Excellent materials and we thank you! Im so glad my husband found you! – Christie

Hello! We used this curriculum last year and we LOVED it! Im attempting to start planning for this year, and I was going over the lesson plan and it appears that the children are still listed as 2nd graders even though this year they will be 3rd grade, does it update automatically or do i have to contact someone to change it? Thank you so much!

We love your homeschool program! – J

Your site is amazing so far and we haven’t even started using it. So much information, and answers needed found easily! Only question I have is, when my child completes a full grade of courses/studies will they automatically move onto the next grade, or will I need to contact you again then to get them set up in the next grade? – Q

I hope the program really gets alot of attention. We enjoyed using it for our 4th grade and look forward to our future grades with you. Thank you again – K

this whole homeschool program itself is a blessing – … So to be able to homeschool my two teens and work is amazing, we did it last year and it worked beautifully. They took online college courses at the same time, and I am very happy with Discovery K12. Thank you again! – L

We are super excited and beyond thankful that this amazing resource is available to us. I have one in Pre-K and one in K. More than likely we will be using each other’s curriculum as well as lots of additional tactile learning. Thank you Sheri Wells for all you’ve done to help homeschooling families! – M

Thank you for all your hard work. We are looking forward to a great school year using your website. – T

We love your website, great homeschool curriculum! – p

We would not have made it through homeschooling during an overseas move without this! – Tricia

Thank you again for your timely response! That is exactly what I was looking for. I am very happy with this program. – E

Over the past few years we have tried a few different programs to see what works best for our family. Alas, we have come back to the wonderful Discovery K-12.

I will be heading into 9th grade this year and am excited about doing another year with discovery k-12 – T

Thanks so much! Looking forward to another great year!! – Karen

Please update the following student’s grade for the coming school year. THANK YOU! We love this curriculum. – H

My son and I used Discovery k12 last year and I look forward to the new features with the Teacher/Parent account. – K

Discovery K12 is a really amazing homeschooling program. I can go at my own pace with no pressure, and it makes doing school work so much easier. – Cody

Thank you, we are excited to begin a new year. Your curriculum is wonderful ! – michelle

Thank you so much! Your programs has saved our homeschool!!!! – Courtney

I must say it has made teaching and planning so much easier and both kids have done excellent. It’s easy for them to follow. – p

Thank you so much for keeping in contact and reaching out to me! This is a very easy set-up, I love it! – Shawna

Thanks for creating such an incredible non-common core program!! – Tracy

Upgraded my account & love it! 🙂 – S

Thank you for such a great educational platform! My daughters LOVE IT! – K

Loved using the transcript feature for getting Q 1 grades done – jld

I would like to give everyone working on Discovery K12 a huge thank you. My oldest son, finished your twelfth grade program this past May. He was able to graduate and take the entry-level test for college. He is now enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program! – C

Hi! I LOVE your site! My daughters started using your curriculum this past school year. It is by far the best we have found. – Teresa

Looking forward to another great year! – Susan

Thank you for the wonderful website. Please update my grade level to 6th grade. – Pamela

I just want to tell your support staff how impressed I am with their quickness of correcting issues. So nice to see that! Thank you!

We are from South Africa and my Kids, that is in Gr4 and 5, love your Homeschool program – Jaci

I am so happy to have been refereed to your site! It can be difficult to find affordable secular options for homeschooling – N

I’ve been recommending this website/curriculum to everyone I know
This has been a life saver for me. – Serena

Love your customer service – Cindy

Thank you so much! We look forward to using your site again this school year! – Jill

Good day…. congratulations with your wonderful work on this site. I LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you so much for Discovery K12. It is a great blessing to our family, with our adventure into homeschooling. – T

By the way, we have been so happy with how Discovery K12 has set up the curriculum for each grade and plan to renew for the next school year and have also told my homeschool groups about it! Thank you so much! – Angie

I wanted to thank you for always getting back to me so quickly. it says a lot about your company. – Serena

You guys provide a wonderful and easy to understand curriculum. Thank you! – JM

DK12 is so easy for the kids to navigate and having 6 of them it just makes life so much easier. – G

If a parent is even thinking about doing this-do it! It’s an amazing program. My son looks forward to his school time every day! It is all inclusive and non common core! I love love love Discovery K12!!! – Kimberly

Thank you so much for being so reliable and prompt. Absolutely, 100% Best Customer Service ever! – Victoria

Thank you so much!! You have been a blessing to my family! Thank you again! – Misty