Discovery K12 Tips and Reminders

What to Expect, Tips & Reminders

Below is information on what to expect, tips, and reminders.

What to Expect
On the first official day of the school year, when students login, the Today’s Assignments page will show Day #1 assignments, and that page will change to the next day’s assignments according to the Calendar schedule under the Help menu. The Today’s Assignments page will change each day at approximately 4:30 PM Pacific Time. If your student misses a day, they can always access the missed day using the Daily Assignments page to do their lessons. Those going by their own schedule, may do so using the Daily Assignments page, accessing each Day # needed.

Tips & Reminders
ONE: It’s important to read through everything under the Help menu before starting.

TWO: The weekly spelling quiz for K-12 will have audio to hear the words. If your browser does not support the audio, you will need to call out the spelling words for your student to administer the quiz, and the words are in the SAME order as shown on the assignment pages.

THREE: Save ALL student work. While most states do not require you to save student work, we highly recommend saving all work for your files. One never knows if someone may ask to see it and validate that work was done.

FOUR: Students should write their Name, Date, Day #, and Course on each assignment. This makes it easy to grade/review, organize, and save the work for your files.

FIVE: Have students give work to you regularly. Everyone has their own system that works for them. Some collect work hourly, daily, weekly, etc., but we recommend collecting and reviewing student work regularly, with daily being optimum.

SIX: Check your State Laws for any homeschool procedures you may need to follow. We are a curriculum provider and not a school, and the parent/guardian needs to handle any of the paperwork process to legally homeschool.

SEVEN: Essays & Presentations in Language Arts begin at the 2nd grade level. If your children have never done essays or presentations, they’ll be basic at first but will improve each year as students progress. Our Language Arts has a flow to it with students writing an opinion or argumentative essay on Mon, narrative essay on Tue, a digital presentation over Wed and Thur, and creative writing on Fri. Some people prefer to do one essay over Mon and Tues. Our Language Arts is designed to produce good writers and communicators, prepare for college, and/or the work environment.

EIGHT: Integrating research is an important aspect to the curriculum for grades 2nd and up. One of the goals of the program is to teach students how to learn. Students should spend time researching the topics presented and taking notes, especially for Science and History/Social Studies spending approximately 45 to 60 minutes on each course.

NINE: If you get locked out, email us so we can assist. Be sure to have reading books on hand or supplementary work available while you wait.

TEN: Keep it fun! We encourage you to create a positive, fun, and engaging learning environment. Mix it up when you need to, get outdoors, and let kids make some of the decisions too.