This letter serves as official documentation of your students Registration and Enrollment with DK12 inc.


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Current date: 22nd April 2024
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This information states that the Parent/Guardian has a registered student using the DK12 Platform and Curriculum for independent homeschooling.


This document certifies that the following student
has a registered student account on as of today’s date: 22nd April 2024.


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DK12 is dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform and curriculum for independent homeschooling. Through our program, you, as the parent/guardian, are granted the authority to oversee and shape your child’s educational journey. We consider you the primary educator, and it is essential to adhere to any state policies and regulations related to homeschooling. Your student may be using DK12 on either a part-time or full-time basis, tailored to your educational preferences and needs. Our flexible approach accommodates various homeschooling methods. It’s crucial to understand that DK12 functions as a curriculum provider, equipping you with the necessary tools and resources to create a customized educational experience for your child. As the parent/guardian, you bear the responsibility for ensuring that your educational approach complies with your state’s homeschool laws and procedures. We are honored that you have chosen DK12 as your educational partner, and we look forward to supporting your family’s homeschooling journey.


** Questions regarding this student’s registration and Enrollment should be directed ONLY to the Head of School (Parent / Guardian) listed above under School Information.**


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