Extra Curriculum Day 4

Spanish 1

The image above has a list of colors in English and Spanish. Practice pronouncing each word several times in Spanish. You can use the English to Spanish Translation link below to hear the audio for each word. Enter the English version in the translator to hear it in Spanish. Practice writing each word using Lined Paper.

  1. English to Spanish Translation
  2. Lined Paper
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HTML Coding
Introduction and History

When HTML first came out, web developers would use any text editor, such as note page. Now there are now many HTML editing programs to choose from. There are online, web-based HTML editors and stand alone HTML editing applications, such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Read about HTML Editors and Adobe Dreamweaver.

  1. HTML Editors
  2. Adobe Dreamweaver
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Healthy Living
Natural Foods to Improve Health

Citrus fruits are rich in fiber and vitamin C. Watch the video on the next slide to learn more about the health benefits of this citrus. Read more about Citrus and What Are Lemons Good For? Below is a recipe for healthy lemonade that you can make.

  1. Citrus
  2. What Are Lemons Good For?
  3. Healthy Lemonade Recipe
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