Extra Curriculum Day 55

Spanish 1
Spanish Alphabet

Click through the slides above and study the pronunciations of these Spanish letters by clicking on the links below. Listen to the audio to hear the pronunciations in Spanish. Used Lined Paper to practice writing each phrase, sentence, or question in Spanish.

  1. Pronunciation of j and z
  2. Pronunciation of b and v
  3. Pronunciation of x and cc
  4. Lined Paper
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HTML Coding
HTML Examples

You will now begin studying HTML Examples and practicing writing HTML. Review the HTML Headings Example. You can experiment with the code using the HTML Tag Reference List and what you’ve learned so far. Use either Notepad or Textedit to duplicate the HTML Heading Example – Add the code from the example to your example.html page you saved yesterday on your computer. Now, using your browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari; open the page you just saved to your computer. You should now see your HTML page in your browser.

  1. HTML Headings Example
  2. HTML Tag Reference List
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Healthy Living
Difference between processed, GMO, and organic foods

It can be difficult to know which foods at the grocery store are GMO and which are not because the United States currently has no GMO labeling. One method, is to try to avoid most packaged foods and major consumer brands. There is an organization that is verifying foods that are non-GMO. You can learn more about these non-GMO foods on the link below.

  1. Verified Non GMO
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