Extra Curriculum Day 93

Spanish 1

Go back through the past Extra Curriculum assignments to review what you’ve learned so far. There will be a test at the end of the week.

  1. Extra Curriculum
  2. Lined Paper
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HTML Coding
HTML Design

When designing a website, it is always good to plan it out. This can be done by making a visual site map or an outline. Take notes while reading about how to Create a Site Map. If you were creating a website about yourself, what type of information would you want to include? Create a visual diagram to plan out a website about yourself. You can use traditional pencil and paper to create your diagram or a web-based diagram program such as Gliffy (it has a free option available).

  1. Create a Site Map
  2. Gliffy
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Healthy Living
Good and Bad Beverages

In the picture above, the drink on the left is berry bad, but the drink on the right is berry good! The beverage on the left is filled with ingredients that are very unhealthy, but the one on the right is simply carbonated water and natural juice from fresh berries. Most canned beverages have ingredients that you really don’t even know what they are. Read more about the ingredients common soda brands. Use the Research Center to investigate further the types of ingredients found these beverages.

  1. Coca Cola and Pepsi Controversial Ingredients
  2. Research Center
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