General Understanding
Discovery K12 provides curriculum for the 180 days of homeschool instruction. As a homeschool parent, you understand that either you or another adult needs to provide the supervision and assistance your student may need. For details, please read our Terms of Service.

We Recommend Creating a Homeschool Legal Folder
You should check with your state’s education department to see if you are required to file any forms or follow any special procedures to legally homeschool. We are a business that provides the platform and curriculum to independently homeschool. If you have any questions about your state’s homeschool procedures, policies, or laws, please consult your appropriate state agencies/parties or your own legal counsel.

We recommend creating a legal folder or binder to maintain any important documents such as state filings, ongoing attendance, immunization records, quiz/test results, etc.

Homeschool Laws by State
Check your state’s Homeschool Laws. Consult with your own legal counsel if you have questions about homeschooling in your state.