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When you sign up and access Palomar K12 (PK12), you understand and agree to the following terms of service. These terms may also change from time to time at PK12’s sole discretion, and you should check back here often to review our policies.

Parent And Student Responsibilities
It is the Parents responsibility to check with your state laws and requirements for home schooling. PK12 has an online help section that will provide some guidance in this area. If your state or school district requires you to submit forms so that you may home school, you understand that it is your responsibility to handle this.

Palomar K12 Responsibilities
PK12 provides you with online curriculum in core subjects required by most states, extra curriculum, grading, reporting, and support. The service is provided as is and without any warranties.

The Palomar K12 Research Center and Daily Assignments may link out to other websites. You understand that these sites are out of our control and we are not responsible for their content. We do however, take precaution to review any sites that we may link to.

Account Security
Your account on Palomar K12 must be used only by you (Parent/Student), and you agree to keep your login credentials confidential and will not share them with others. If your account is ever compromised or you lose your username or password, please contact us right away.

Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we do not share your information with third parties. The only exception to this, is if we are required to release information according to a court of law or subpoena, or if the service is acquired as a whole by a third party in which case your data will only be used to continue providing the service. We may collect name’s of parents and students, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers. We also collect information in order to provide reporting and grading of assignments. The information we collect is solely for purposes of delivering our service. If you would like to have your personal information deleted after closing an account with us, email info@palomarpress.com.

Palomar K12 is 100% free. We are not affiliated or funded by any public school program.

Account Closure
To close your account, simply email us at: info@palomarpress.com

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