Extra Curriculum – Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a 4-week course that will introduce kids to variety of concepts like financial responsibility, budgeting, online banking, and managing their money.

Personal Finance is an Extra Curriculum course recommended for grades 3rd to 12th.

Students can receive a Certification of Completion for this course through the Parent/Teacher Account.

New – Homeschool Guide

If you have a friend who wants to homeschool but doesn’t know how to start, we’ve got some great news for you!

This new guide is filled with tips to help them get started.

They’ll find all the answers they need, ready for download inside the student account. Share the good news and show them HOW IT WORKS.

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New Extra Curriculum!

New Extra Curriculum!Business 101 is a 4-week course that teaches kids the fundamentals of starting a business, covering the ABC’s of entrepreneurship.

Business 101 will be accessible in the Student Account over the Summer.

Summer Break Starts Tomorrow!

What an incredible year it has been for homeschoolers! As the school year officially comes to a close, let’s remember that learning never takes a break, even during summer! Your students can continue their lessons year-round by accessing our curriculum through the Daily Assignments page.

Don’t forget to check your student account for featured special content and learning activities over the break! – DK12 ??