Platform Management

Server Names – Hosted at LiquidWeb
LIVE SERVER – DISCOVERYK12.COM (Customers using): deddk12 2020
NEW SERVER – DK12CORP.COM (Dev for dk12 2021

Daily Back Up
Back up of the Database is automated and done every 7 days by GoDaddy. Additional a back should be done manually on a regular basis and stored on an external back-up device. This can be done inside the server’s C-Panel by exporting the database (by separate tables) using myth-admin. The website files can be backed-up to external device using ftp.

Upgrading WordPress and Plugins
DO NOT UPGRADE WordPress, the Theme, or any Plugins on the live server. Doing any upgrades can cause things to conflict or break. Any and all WordPress or Plugin upgrades need to be analyzed and should also be tested on a Development server to make sure they can all work together. Site & WordPress setting changes should be done on a replicated, development server first to test for success – then, matched on the live server.

Installing New Plugins
New plugins should NOT be installed without testing them out first.

Make sure a CURRENT BACK-UP of the live server and MySQL database is obtained prior to any upgrades or installations of plugins, or changing of any settings.

Existing Plugins
The following list of Plugins are currently part of the platform. More information about each of these can be found in the Plugins area. These include Formidable Pro which can be used for viewing data on the backend collected by forms such as assignment entries or support requests; Slideshow which is used to create slide show content for assignments; and WP-Pro-Quiz which is used to create quizzes and tests as well as view user quiz/test statistics on the backend.

  • Admin Bar Disabler
  • Allow Multiple Accounts
  • CIMY User Extra Fields
  • Content Aware Sidebars
  • Eli’s Custom SQL Reports
  • Expander
  • Formidable Pro
  • GET Custom Content
  • Get User Custom Field Values
  • Nav Menu Roles
  • Peter’s Login Redirect
  • Slideshow
  • Theme My Login
  • URL Params
  • User Role Editor
  • User Specific Content
  • WP-Mail SMTP
  • WP-Pro-Quiz