Extra Curriculum Day 102

Spanish 1
Conversational Spanish

Continue conversational Spanish. Read the next level of Spanish Conversation with Greetings. Click to hear the audio of the conversation. Practice saying the conversation out loud. Write each phrase in Spanish using pencil and Lined Paper. Use the Spanish Dictionary to translate your own conversational phases and continue studying.

  1. Spanish Conversation with Greetings
  2. Spanish Dictionary
  3. Lined Paper
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HTML Coding
HTML Design

Make a mockup design of a website about yourself. The first image in the slide above is an example of a storyboard for building a website about yourself. The second slide shows an example mockup of the website. It’s always good to create a mockup of a website before you begin designing and coding it. Using your storyboard from prior lessons, create a mockup design for a website about yourself. You will use this mockup as the basis for actually creating the website in upcoming lessons. You can create your mockup by sketching on paper, using photoshop or another art layout program.

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Healthy Living
Good and Bad Beverages

Energy drinks like those shown above on the left are very unhealthy due to the unnatural and stimulating ingredients. Energy drinks like the fresh juice shown above on the right are exceptionally healthy for maintaining energy levels. Read more about each type of energy drink to learn more.

  1. How Dangerous are Energy Drinks?
  2. Juicing for Energy
  3. Research Center
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