Extra Curriculum Day 113

Spanish 1
Conversational Spanish

Watch the video to learn about using regular verbs “hablar” and “trabajar” in Spanish. Watch it again several times and follow along saying the sentences. Write each sentence in the video in Spanish using pencil and Lined Paper. Stop and start the video when needed so you can follow along.

  1. Lined Paper
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HTML Coding
HTML Coding Resources

Webmonkey is a web development and design resources with all kinds of information that can help you learn more about HTML. Browse the Webmonkey site to continue learning more about HTML.

  1. Webmonkey.com
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Healthy Living
Natural Teeth, Hair, and Personal Care

Primrose Oil is from the Primrose plant, a hardy plant most often found in dry, sunny meadows. Taking Primrose Oil capsules and applying the oil on the skin can help with reducing acne and moisturizing the skin. It can even reduce long-term scaring over time. Read more about Primrose Oil. Use the Research Center to investigate further.

  1. Natural Wrinkle Serum with Primrose
  2. What is it: Evening Primrose Oil
  3. Primrose
  4. Research Center
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