Extra Curriculum Day 27

Spanish 1
Vocabulary Weather

Study the words above that describe the weather. Practice pronouncing each word several times in Spanish. You can use the English to Spanish Translation link below to hear the audio in Spanish. Enter the English version in the translator to hear it in Spanish. Practice writing each word using Lined Paper.

  1. English to Spanish Translation
  2. Lined Paper
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HTML Coding
HTML Color Shades

HTML Color Shades are used to display shades of gray or any combination of colors generated from red, blue and green. Read more about HTML Color Shades.

Experiment with the HTML Color Picker.

  1. HTML Color Shades
  2. HTML Color Picker
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Healthy Living
Recognizing Unhealthy Foods

Snack foods can be considered junk food or healthy foods depending on what you choose to eat for a snack. Many packaged foods as shown on the left in the image above are considered unhealthy; however, foods such as fruit is a healthy snack choice. Instead of choosing packaged snack foods, you can things like celery and peanut butter, fruit and cheese, or dip carrots and broccoli in ranch dressing! Read more about Snack Foods.

  1. Snack Food
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