Extra Curriculum Day 95

Spanish 1

Go back through the past Extra Curriculum assignments to review what you’ve learned so far. There will be a test at the end of the week.

  1. Extra Curriculum
  2. Lined Paper
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HTML Coding
HTML Design

When designing a website, you can either design it yourself with basic HTML or you can use a content management system such as WordPress, that has pre-made design templates to choose from. This course will focus on designing your own. Continue with the example of creating a website about yourself. Now that you have created a simple flowchart of your site, you need to decide on some basic design ideas. Take notes while reading Design a Website and How to Design a Website to get more familiar with the process.

  1. Design a Website
  2. How to Design a Website
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Healthy Living
Good and Bad Beverages

Making your own organic, fruit and vegetable juice using a juicer is far more healthier than any packaged fruit or vegetable drink at the supermarket. Watch the video on the next slide to learn about the health benefits of juicing. If you don’t have a juicer at home, you can find a juice store in your area, but you want to make sure they use organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. To juice on a daily basis, you would also want to have a juicer for convenience and to reduce the cost. Below are some Juicing Recipes to try.

  1. JuiceRecipes.com
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