Getting Started Guide

This Getting Started Guide will help you get familiar with how to use Discovery K12.

Read the Help page and Legal page for parents.

Each day when you log into your account, be sure to click the “Here!” button. This records your attendance each day.

The day’s assignments are available when you login to your account. After you complete each assignment, be sure to click the “Completed” button to receive credit in the Grade Book.

Some assignments will use Resource links such as Wikipedia. These links will open a new window and take you to outside sites.

You can always get back to the current assignments by clicking on the “Today’s Assignments” link in the top, black navigation bar. If you are going by your own schedule, you will click the Daily Assignments link that’s on the right side when you login to access the assignments for the day (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.) you are working on.

You can go back and make up any past assignments or review for tests by clicking to the “Daily Assignments” page. You can also work ahead using this same page.

You can access Course pages under My Courses on the right side of your Daily Assignments page. Course pages provide further instruction and resources for each course, such as Language Arts or Math. We recommend reading each of these Course pages to familiarize yourself before getting started.

You can access classic e-books in the Library by clicking on the “Library” link toward the bottom, right side when logged in.

If you have any questions or need help, use our Support Form to contact us.