Important Comments

Welcome to the official new school year for Discovery K12!

Below are some important comments for parents.

Make sure you read through the Help section for information about how our online reporting works. All reporting information can be found under the Reporting menu. If you have a student in Pre-K, reporting is a little different. At the bottom of each Days assignments, you see a link that says “Log you day in the Daily Journal.” You can fill in any comments or highlights that you’d like to record, and these comments will show up in the report under the Reporting menu.

All student work is to be turned in directly to parents by students, and parents may grade/review as they see fit.

If you have not already done so, be sure to look into your state’s homeschool policies.

We are working on completing the ability to access multi-grade curriculum from a single account to support students that may need a course in a different grade level. We expect this to be added fairly soon, and we appreciate your patience. If you need to access curriculum from a different grade level now, than please feel free to set up an additional account in that grade. We will be sending out an email to parents as soon as this has been added to the site.

We thank you for selecting Discovery K12 as your platform and curriculum to homeschool.

Have a wonderful year, and if you need help at any time, please let us know.