Featured student art is below.

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We are collecting art from our students to display in the Multi-Purpose Room. If you would like to share some of your art, you may email it to us at It can be digital art that students made on their computer, or you can take a picture of an art project. You may include the student’s first name and grade level if you’d like!

Reagan – 4th grade

Alen – 11th grade

Bella – 4th grade

Autumn – 11th grade

Peyton – kindergarten

Abigail – 8th grade

Reese – 7th grade

Mia – PreK

Abigail – 8th grade

Jeremy – 4th grade

Hannah – 5th grade

Abigail – 8th grade

Anza – Kindergarten

Janayda – 9th grade

Helena, 4th grade

Kashiim, 5th grade

David – 4th grade

Janayda – 9th grade



Janayda – 9th grade

Abigail – 8th grade

Tiamya – 3rd grade

Regina – 4th grade

Abigail – 8th grade

Jamesia – 8th grade

Abigail – 8th grade

Aidyn – 7th grade

Jayden – 4th grade

Colden – 3rd grade

Colden - 3rd grade
Colden – 3rd grade

Helena - prek
Helena – prek

Abby - 5th grade
Abby – 5th grade

Jason - 4th grade
Jason – 4th grade

Faith - 9th grade
Faith – 9th grade


Smokey the Horse
Smokey the Horse

Regina - 4th grade
Regina – 4th grade

Dennis - 10th grade - Spring Meadow
Dennis – 10th grade – Spring Meadow

Dennis - 10th grade
Dennis – 10th grade

Bryton - 2nd grade
Bryton – 2nd grade


Erin - 10th grade
Erin – 10th grade

Meagan – 7th grade

Imani – 4th grade

Smantha – 9th grade

Discovery K12 - Helena Pre-k
Helena – Pre-k

Discovery K12 Abby 9th grade Earth Week
Abby – 9th grade (Earth Week)

Discovery K12 Rianna
Rianna (Earth Week)

Discovery K12 Oliver Age 5 Homeschool
Oliver – age 5 (Earth Week)

Sully, Gavin, & Oliver

Jayden – 6th grade

Jayden – 6th grade


Discovery K12 Helena Pre-K
Helena – Pre-K

Helena – PreK

David – 6th grade

Jordan – 7th grade



Kendarian – 6th grade

Anthony – 1st grade

Zach – 7th


Abigail – 4th

Ryder – 11

Sanya – 4

Roger – 1st

Khansas – Teepee

Khansas – 5th

Philela – 9th

Philela – 9th

Samuel – 2nd