Pre-K Day 15

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Today’s Assignments: Day 15

Today in Reading/Literature, you will read for 30 minutes with your teacher.
Reading is fun!

Reading/Literature Pre-K
Read and Log
Read with your teacher for 30 minutes and record it in your Reading Log.

  1. Pick out a reading book
  2. Reading Log

Language Arts Pre-K
The Alphabet

Watch the video on the letter D. Find objects around you that start with the letter D sound. Practice writing the letterD using the Letter D Worksheet.

  1. Letter D Worksheet

Math Pre-K
Numbers 1 to 10

Click through the slides above. Count how many apples are in each slide. Write the numbers 1 to 10 using the 1 to 10 Worksheet.

  1. 1 to 10 Worksheet

Visual/Performing Arts Pre-K

Print and color the Duck Coloring Page.

  1. Duck Coloring Page

Motor Skills Pre-K
Holding Writing Utensils

Teacher guidance necessary! Watch the video above to teach how to use scissors.

Social Skills Pre-K
Taking Care of Basic Needs

Watch the video above to learn about brushing your teeth.

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