180 Writing Prompts

  1. An event that took place over the weekend
  2. Your favorite food
  3. Your best friend
  4. The capitol of your state
  5. A place you would like to visit
  6. Your favorite outdoor activity
  7. How to write an essay
  8. How to drive a car
  9. How to ride a horse
  10. How to . . . (insert topic)
  11. A President or current political figure
  12. A political figure from the past
  13. Vacation destination
  14. What’s in the Solar System
  15. Describe the $100 bill
  16. Culture of a certain country
  17. The history of airplanes
  18. My favorite wild animal
  19. A make-believe animal
  20. My favorite sport is
  21. My favorite color and why I like it
  22. What would you do with $1 million?
  23. My future career
  24. The space rocket
  25. The friendly sea monster
  26. My favorite movie
  27. My favorite season of the year
  28. Life as an astronaut
  29. Thank you letter to a friend
  30. The best day of your life
  31. Ten years from now
  32. Where’s the car keys?
  33. My favorite super hero
  34. Organic verses GMO
  35. My favorite season is
  36. If I were President
  37. Why being honest is important
  38. The funniest thing that ever happened
  39. Write a description of a family member
  40. If I had 3 wishes, they would be
  41. The old clock in the attic
  42. Write about a famous person: http://www.biographyonline.net/
  43. I believe the 2nd Amendment is…
  44. What I like about trains
  45. What I like about airplanes
  46. The best musician in the world
  47. On this day in history…
  48. My favorite planet in the Solar System
  49. Compare World War I and World War II
  50. I [agree] or [disagree] with Manifest Destiny
  51. Compare the American Revolutionary War to the Civil War
  52. A key figure of the American Revolution was…
  53. The Boston Tea Party
  54. A fair trade
  55. The differences between the 1950s and 1960s
  56. Amazing facts about the Giza Pyramid
  57. The history of airplanes
  58. Explaining E=mc2
  59. Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion
  60. If you were invisible, what would you do?
  61. I am afraid of ____________.
  62. Describe your best day
  63. My favorite time of day is…
  64. What I learned about history today.
  65. Write a poem on your favorite holiday
  66. If I could choose a different name, it would be…
  67. What kind of pet whould you most like to have?
  68. Describe an instinct species
  69. I am responsible for doing these things each week…
  70. If I could go back in time, I would…
  71. What would you do if you won the lottery?
  72. Why do Zebra’s have stripes?
  73. Describe what’s in your closet
  74. Describe a person of integrity
  75. What success means to me
  76. Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion
  77. Inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid
  78. Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion
  79. A ghostly tale
  80. When I went camping…
  81. My adventure to the library
  82. My favorite vegetable is…
  83. The tallest mountain in the world
  84. My favorite ocean animal
  85. My favorite game to play
  86. Describe a person of good character
  87. Biodiversity of the Amazon
  88. The smallest animal in the world
  89. Describe the difference between communism and capitalism
  90. What is the difference between a republic and a democracy?
  91. The most important amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  92. Describe the Water Cycle
  93. The layers of the atmosphere
  94. The human skeleton
  95. Describe how the tides work
  96. The phases of the moon
  97. A coral reef ecosystem
  98. Describe a desert ecosystem
  99. Describe a type of free energy
  100. How magnets work
  101. The largest airplane
  102. My favorite time-period in history
  103. How to make guacamole
  104. The loudest noise you ever heard
  105. The difference between weather and climate
  106. The topography of Yellowstone National Park
  107. The most beautiful place in the world
  108. The difference between the ocean and a sea
  109. The difference between a privilege and a right
  110. The most trustworthy person I know
  111. The greatest gift
  112. Should all citizens be required to vote? Why or why not?
  113. Compare the 1960s to the 1980s
  114. Compare the cost of living in the 1950s to today
  115. College should be free because…
  116. School should be all year long
  117. Should women be on the front lines of battle during war? Why or why not?
  118. I like Facebook because
  119. I dislike Facebook because
  120. Too much technology!
  121. Western verses Eastern medicine
  122. I get a flu shot every year
  123. I would never get a flu shot in my life
  124. Positive and negative impacts of cell phones
  125. The appropriate age to own a cell phone
  126. The origin of life on Earth
  127. Should military service be required?
  128. The best quarterback of all time
  129. The most patriotic person
  130. ________ should be nominated for a Noble Peace Prize
  131. Convince someone to read your favorite book
  132. Why you should be hired for a job
  133. Persuade some to visit your hometown
  134. The pros and cons of owning a pet
  135. Persuade some to visit your hometown
  136. Why should people be kind to others
  137. I really need to have a _______ because
  138. How mobile technology changed peoples lives
  139. I borrowed something and it broke
  140. I should get an allowance
  141. I really like helping others
  142. I didn’t do it!
  143. The best personality trait
  144. The worst personality trait
  145. Write a poem about respect
  146. I really need to have a _______ because
  147. I like to play ________
  148. On the way to the supermarket, I took a detour
  149. The difference between fiction and non-fiction
  150. Describe your favorite fictional character
  151. The most interesting culture in the world
  152. An expedition to Antarctica
  153. Should Climbing Mount Everest be Allowed?
  154. The history of transportation
  155. Compare the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions
  156. The most interesting person in politics
  157. The worst person in politics
  158. My favorite mentor
  159. The difference between a spider and a beetle
  160. Compare summer and winter seasons
  161. Compare spring and fall seasons
  162. The slowest animal on the planet
  163. The largest animal on the planet
  164. I like the beach better than the mountains
  165. I like the mountains better than the beach
  166. The most amazing thing I can do
  167. I like my burger cooked __________
  168. The house on the hill
  169. My mom makes the best __________
  170. I love going to the __________
  171. The national monument I’d like to see most
  172. The best birthday ever
  173. A day at the park
  174. My bicycle adventure
  175. My friend and I
  176. The most important amendment in the Bill of Rights
  177. The history of the American Flag
  178. Dogs are better than cats
  179. Cats are better than dogs
  180. Historic events on my birthday