Pre-K Day 104

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Today’s Assignments: Day 104

Today in Math, you will continue learning about shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles.
Shapes are fun!

Reading/Literature Pre-K
Read and Log
Read with your teacher for 30 minutes and record it in your Reading Log.

  1. Pick out a reading book
  2. Reading Log

Language Arts Pre-K
The Alphabet

Watch the video on how to write the uppercase the letter V. Practice saying the letter V sound. Use the Letter V Worksheet to practice writing the Letter V.

  1. Letter V Worksheet

Math Pre-K

Click through the slides above and count how many shapes there are of each type. Draw the shapes using the Draw the Shapes Worksheet.

  1. Draw the Shapes Worksheet

Visual/Performing Arts Pre-K

Color the Volcano Coloring Page.

  1. Volcano Coloring Page

Motor Skills Pre-K
Using Scissors

Color the circles all Green using the Cut Circles Worksheet. Cut them each out and save them in a plastic sandwich bag to use in future math assignments.

  1. Cut Circles Worksheet

Social Skills Pre-K
Practice Manners

Watch the video above to learn about being polite.

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