Pre-K Day 118

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Today’s Assignments: Day 118

Today in Math, you will continue learning about shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles.
Shapes are fun!

Reading/Literature Pre-K
Read and Log
Read with your teacher for 30 minutes and record it in your Reading Log.

  1. Pick out a reading book
  2. Reading Log

Language Arts Pre-K
The Alphabet

Watch the video on how to write the uppercase the letter Y. Practice saying the letter Y sound. Use the Letter Y Worksheet to practice writing the Letter Y.

  1. Letter Y Worksheet

Math Pre-K

Click through the slides above and count the number of each type of shape. Say and point to the correct number for each shape. Get your bag of shapes that you colored and cut out. Lay them out on a table and count each one. Put them into groups and count them too. The worksheets are below if you need them.

  1. Cut Squares Worksheet
  2. Cut Triangles Worksheet
  3. Cut Circles Worksheet
  4. Cut Rectangles Worksheet

Visual/Performing Arts Pre-K

Color the Yo Yo Coloring Page.

  1. Yo Yo Coloring Page

Motor Skills Pre-K
Holding Writing Utensils

Practice writing numbers 1 – 10 using the Numbers 1-10 Worksheet.

  1. Numbers 1-10 Worksheet

Social Skills Pre-K
Taking Care of Basic Needs

Watch the video above to learn more about brushing your teeth.

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